Echinostoma malayanum

E·chi·no·sto·ma ma·lay·'a·num

a species typically found in the pig, but reported occasionally from humans in Malaysia; infection results from ingestion of snails with infective cysts (metacercariae).
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Artyfechinostomum malayanum

A species of digenetic trematode in the family Echinostomatidae, whose intermediate hosts include freshwater snails (Indoplanorbis exustus and Gyraulus convexiusculus) and gastropods (Pila scutata, Lymnaea cumingiana and Digoniostoma pulchella). A malayanum is a known cause of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in the Philippines.
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In the Philippines, two medically important echinostomes, Echinostoma ilocanum and Echinostoma malayanum, were recovered from infected humans that required freshwater gastropods belonging to the family Lymnaeidae as intermediate hosts [32].
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After the organisms were processed and stained with aceto-carmine and fast green stains, diagnostic features of Echinostoma malayanum (Leiper 1911) were noted.