Ebstein, Wilhelm

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Wilhelm, German physician, 1836-1912.
Armanni-Ebstein change - see under Armanni
Armanni-Ebstein kidney - Synonym(s): Armanni-Ebstein change
Armanni-Ebstein nephropathy - see under Armanni
Ebstein anomaly - congenital downward displacement of the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle. Synonym(s): Ebstein disease; Ebstein malformation
Ebstein disease - Synonym(s): Ebstein anomaly
Ebstein malformation - Synonym(s): Ebstein anomaly
Ebstein sign - in pericardial effusion, obtuseness of the cardiohepatic angle on percussion.
Murchison-Pel-Ebstein syndrome - see under Murchison
Pel-Ebstein disease - Synonym(s): Pel-Ebstein fever
Pel-Ebstein fever - see under Pel
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