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Victor von. See: von Ebner.

von Ebner,

Victor, Austrian histologist, 1842-1925.
Ebner glands - serous glands of the tongue opening in the bottom of the trough surrounding the circumvallate papillae.
Ebner reticulum - a network of nucleated cells in the seminiferous tubules.
imbrication lines of von Ebner - incremental lines in the dentin of the tooth that reflect variations in mineralization during dentin formation. Synonym(s): incremental lines of von Ebner
incremental lines of von Ebner - Synonym(s): imbrication lines of von Ebner
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It became quickly apparent that our new members greatly appreciated this service," Ebner said.
The prejudice of the patriarchal institution of the theatre forced Ebner to renounce drama and she turned instead to domestic fiction as a more socially acceptable genre for a woman writer.
Editor's Note: Beginning with this first issue of 2005, Linda Ebner Erceg and Ed Schirick will be alternating as authors of the Risk Management column.
Mr Ebner now has a blocking minority in Investor enabling him to counter hostile moves by third parties.
In a memorial service marked by tears and fond memories, about 100 people paid tribute Saturday to Judith and Robert Ebner, longtime parishioners at Our Lady of Grace in Encino who died in last month's EgyptAir 990 crash.
Nuestra mision es brindar la mejor solucion, integrando a Sudamerica con el resto del mundo a traves de un servicio profesional de calidad", afirma Carlos Ebner, director de Varig Cargo.
QUESTIONABLE: WR Danny Amendola (groin), CB Kyle Arrington (groin), RB Brandon Bolden (knee), S Nate Ebner (ankle), TE Rob Gronkowski (back, forearm), T Will Svitek (knee), T Sebastian Vollmer (foot), RB Leon Washington (thigh).
The idea to depict this scene likely came naturally to Ebner when she stumbled upon it, as the striking array of painted shapes bear some resemblance to the various works for which she is best known.
Ebner also uses a sentimental discourse to exonerate her heroine from the symbolic blame usually attached to an adulteress and to enable the reader to infer the protagonist's inner state.
Even if I swing and miss, I've got to set the hook,'' said Thousand Oaks angler Brett Ebner.