Karl J., German physician, 1835-1926. See: Eberth bacillus, Eberth lines, Eberth perithelium.
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These findings are consistent with the previous research that demonstrated the effectiveness of mindfulness in stress reduction with college students and improvement in overall health and well-being (i.e., Deckro et al., 2002; Keng et al., 2011; Eberth & Sadlmeir, 2012; Song & Linguist, 2015; Oman et al., 2008; Warnecke et al., 2011) and further support the utilization of mindfulness as a facilitator of stress reduction with college students.
Since secondary penile metastases were first reported by Eberth in 1870, a total of just over 500 cases of this rare entity have been reported in the literature [3, 9].
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Moreover, pilot studies introducing contemplative practices in mainstream education have documented improved attention and academic performance (Eberth & Sedlmeier 2012).
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Al tecnico Eberth Vicente Armas y a los asistentes de investigacion del Laboratorio de Fisiologia Animal y Bioremediacion "Luis Basto Acosta" de la UNALM por el apoyo en el trabajo de laboratorio.
Respecto de las manifestaciones digestivas, una de las mas frecuentes y relevantes se relacionan con la dificultad deglutoria del bolo alimentario y su ulterior progresion a lo largo del esofago (Rogus-Pulia & Logemann, 2011; Eberth).