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Hermann, German, 1850-1909. See: Ebbinghaus test.
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Ebbinghaus (1885/1964) merely mentioned that he rarely made mistakes with a list of six syllables and that seven was the "usual" number of items he could correctly recall upon a single reading.
Memory plays tricks on me: perceptual bias induced by memory reactivated size in Ebbinghaus illusion.
In his classic experiment, Ebbinghaus found that, beginning the
The individualized vocabulary acquisition program established in our EAP program follows an interval learning approach (also called spaced repetition) based on Ebbinghaus's (1885/1964) learning and forgetting curve.
Known as the "spacing effect," first discovered in 1885 by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, spaced practice suggests that broken, not massed, intervals of practice time produce optimal improvements in learning.
Su estudio ha sido abordado desde diferentes enfoques; para Ranganath, Libby y Wong [4], desde el punto de vista cientifico, el estudio de la memoria se remonta, al menos, a los trabajos de Hermann Ebbinghaus, Barlett y Milner, entre muchos otros.
By Ebbinghaus memory forgetting curve, established knowledge forgetting mathematical model, intelligent memory algorithm, individualized instruction for students to learn, to strengthen the students' autonomous learning ability and interest, the system has higher practical value.
This result is counterintuitive with respect to Ebbinghaus (1964), and years of research that has shown that repetition improves learning outcomes at least in word recall studies.
Desde o trabalho de Ebbinghaus (1885), multiplicaramse os estudos sobre o funcionamento da memoria humana, sobretudo na sua vertente individual, isto e, procurou-se quantificar o que um individuo e capaz de recordar sobre o que experienciou anteriormente.