Eaton-Lambert syndrome

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Eaton-Lambert syndrome

 [e´ton lam´bert]
a myasthenia-like syndrome in which the weakness usually affects the limbs but ocular and bulbar muscles are spared; often associated with oat-cell carcinoma of the lung.
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Lam·bert-Ea·ton myasthenic syn·drome (LEMS),

(lam'bert ē'tŏn),
a generalized disorder of neuromuscular transmission caused by a defect in the release of acetylcholine quanta from the presynaptic nerve terminals; often associated with small cell carcinoma of the lung, particularly in elderly men with a long history of cigarette smoking. In contrast to myasthenia gravis, weakness tends to affect solely axial muscles, girdle muscles, and less often the limb muscles; autonomic disturbances, for example, dry mouth and impotence, are common; the deep tendon reflexes are unelicitable; on motor conduction studies, responses on initial stimulation are quite low in amplitude, but they show marked posttetanic facilitation after a few seconds of exercise. Lambert-Eaton syndrome is due to loss of voltage-sensitive calcium channels located on the presynaptic motor nerve terminal. See: myasthenic syndrome.
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Lee M., U.S. neurologist, 1905-1958.
Eaton-Lambert syndrome - Synonym(s): Lambert-Eaton syndrome
Lambert-Eaton syndrome - see under Lambert, Edward H


Edward H., U.S. neurophysiologist, 1915–.
Eaton-Lambert syndrome - Synonym(s): Lambert-Eaton syndrome
Lambert-Eaton syndrome - progressive proximal muscle weakness in patients with carcinoma, caused by antibodies directed against motor-nerve axon terminals. Synonym(s): Eaton-Lambert syndrome
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