Eating for Two

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A popular term referring to the eating habits of a pregnant woman, who is said to be eating for 2 people
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Way back in the day when I was having babies, eating for two was accepted as the norm.
"Will eating more cause my baby to be overweight?" or "I'm eating for two, so it won't hurt to have an extra serving, right?" are the most common ones heard in every household with a pregnant lady.
PREGNANT women who believe in the "eating for two" myth risk harming the health of themselves and their babies, experts warn.
QCOULD it affect my baby if I put on more weight than recommended during pregnancy, and what's the best way of avoiding piling on the pounds when I'm eating for two? ACONSULTANT obstetrician Dr Daghni Rajasingam, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, says: "A recent large-scale US study highlights the potential complications for mother and baby if a woman gains more or less weight in pregnancy than is recommended.
I still believe in the concept of 'eating for two', thus it is important to choose a wide variety of healthy foods to make sure that the nutritional needs of both mother and baby are met.
A study in the British Medical Journal smashed the myth of "eating for two" and found that a controlled diet can reduce pregnancy weight gain by half a stone.
EATING for two healthily can help prevent birth defects, a study has shown.
And the singer-turnedchat show host was horrified at the amount she piled on eating for two.
Ms Ursell declared the report "good news: it may help dieticians to drum into pregnant women that eating for two is a myth."
Eating for Two, Inc., Cooper City, FL, has introduced a nutrition bar created to meet the dietary needs of health-conscious pregnant, nursing and postpartum women.
Eating for two is certainly not recommended if you want your prepregnancy figure back, Ruth.