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ESTrogen and Stents to Eliminate Restenosis. A very small (30 patients) trial evaluating the feasibility and safety of 17-estradiol-eluting stent for treating single native vessel stenosis
Primary endpoints MACE, death, MI, TLR, stent thrombosis at 1 and 6 months
Conclusion 17-beta-estradiol-eluted stents appear feasible and safe, showing low rates of binary restenosis and revascularization. These results warrant further confirmation with a large, randomized multicenter trial
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On this bright Easter Day morning we were "camped out" outside Number 10, waiting for Callaghan to emerge.
BEIRUT: Hezbollah condemned Monday an Easter Day suicide bombing in Pakistan which left 70 dead, as it called for unified global efforts to combat terrorism.
"In short, on Easter Day, hope overcame fear and we Christians are called to be witnesses to the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ."
HANDICAP SNIPS THERE can be few better-handicapped horses in Manor Farm Stables than Easter Day, who starts the season rated 7lb lower than when a novice, writes Ben Newton.
His Easter Day heads the market at 5-1 fav with Hill after 21 horses stood their ground.
Lent is a solemn religious observance in the liturgical calendar of many Christian denominations that begins on Ash Wednesday and covers a period of approximately six weeks before Easter Day. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer through prayer, penance, repentance of sins, almsgiving, atonement and self-denial.
Mothering Sunday in the UK can fall at the earliest on March 1 (in years when Easter Day falls on March 22) and at the latest on April 4 (when Easter Day falls on April 25).
His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Day or Easter Sunday (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday).
Wintry weather in the UK and Europe to continue right up until Easter Day Britain's wintry weather looks set to continue right up until Easter Day, with snow now highly likely in some areas on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Day.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.20 Deireadh Re, 2.50 Molly Oscar, 3.25 Current Climate, 4.00 Easter Day, 4.30 Topaze Collonges, 5.05 Celtic Charlie, 5.40 Old Dreams.
All these questions and many more are ones we could be asking as we prepare to grow and meet the risen Christ on Easter Day.