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ESTrogen and Stents to Eliminate Restenosis. A very small (30 patients) trial evaluating the feasibility and safety of 17-estradiol-eluting stent for treating single native vessel stenosis
Primary endpoints MACE, death, MI, TLR, stent thrombosis at 1 and 6 months
Conclusion 17-beta-estradiol-eluted stents appear feasible and safe, showing low rates of binary restenosis and revascularization. These results warrant further confirmation with a large, randomized multicenter trial
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Shildon Running Club's Anne Marie Readshaw Memorial Open Track and Field meeting takes place on Easter Day.
Parish Eucharist at St David's Church on Easter Day conducted by the Rev Geoff Banks.
Easter Day at the Methodist Church begins with 8am Communion Service led by Rev David Priestnall, and followed by a Church Breakfast.
Application forms are available for the North Tyneside 10k Road Race on Easter Day, April 16.
Last term Boro were content facing Midland rivals - Kettering Town - on Boxing Day with the return taking place a week later on New Year's Day at Rockingham Road although Phillips' men travelled North overnight on Easter Day to Morecambe for their fixture at Christie Park the following afternoon.
Easter Sunday will then see a Family Celebration for Easter Day at Linthwaite Methodist Church.
A garden with stunning views of Holmfirth opened to the public on Easter Day.
Children were entertained with an Easter day of fun on Huddersfield's Piazza.
Except for Christmas Day and Easter Day, the Queen never has a day off from the red boxes.
On Sunday, April 16, Katy Perry hosted an Easter Day "Recovery" Brunch, produced by John Terzian's, The h.
I shall not readily forget an Easter Day a few years ago involving the then Prime Minister James Callaghan.
His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Day, also called Resurrection Day.