East Friesian

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East Friesian, East Friesland

marsh-type dairy sheep, polled, with a woolless rat-tail.
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East Friesian or East Friesland dairy sheep. By permission from Sambraus HH, Livestock Breeds, Mosby, 1992
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Dorset, East Friesian, Finnsheep, Gulf Coast Native, Icelandic and Hog Island are some of the colorful names of sheep noted in the book.
After creating a business plan for growth, the two purchased 50 East Friesian and Lacaune ewes from the University of Wisconsin Spooner Research Station and began the dairy with a 12 x 12 parlor.
The Assaf breed in Gaza is the result of crossbreeding the native Awassi and East Friesian Milk sheep and is considered a top quality dairy sheep and mutton producer.
Heirloom produce from the organic gardens and gourmet cheeses prepared in the dairy with milk from the East Friesian dairy sheep, eggs from the chicken coop, meats from our salumeria, breads from the artisanal bakery at Blackberry Farm are some of the real items the FarmStead will produce, which our guest chefs will use for their own incredible creations.
When we last visited, their spread included two riding horses for helping a rancher friend during roundup; three Suffolk ewes and a Suffolk ram for lamb production; a pair of East Friesian X Lacaune ewes for milk and cheese; a dozen laying hens; four barn cats for rodent control; and a standoffish Akbash dog, bred to defend the sheep against all threats, including mountain lions.
In addition to eggs from the chickens and milk and cheese from the East Friesian X Lacaune, the Suffolk produce ten to fifteen slaughter lambs per year, a sampling of which was the main course served to LaVonne and me in Heather's spacious, sunlit dining room.
The East Friesian, though still somewhat uncommon in the U.
Today, breeds such as East Friesian (Germany), Lacaune (France), Sarda (Italy), Chios (Greece), British Milksheep (U.
Until now, the leading milking sheep breed was the East Friesian, which has been selected for high milk production.
Tea consumption was heavily promoted as the East Friesians were consumate beer drinkers and tea was regarded as an healthy alternative.
The indigenous population there, the East Friesians, actually drink as much tea as the British, but they remain loyal to local suppliers.
East Friesians date back to around 1530 where they are mentioned in the Vatican archives as larger-than other sheep of the time and capable of raising up to five lambs