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a waxy secretion of the glands of the external acoustic meatus; ear wax. adj., adj ceru´minal, ceru´minous.
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The soft, brownish yellow, waxy secretion (a modified sebum) of the ceruminous glands of the external auditory canal.
Synonym(s): ear wax, earwax
[L. cera, wax]
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The yellowish, waxlike secretion of certain glands lining the canal of the external ear. Also called cerumen.
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A: Earwax impaction is one of the most common ear-related reasons to seek medical attention, affecting 10% of children and 58% of adults 65 and older.
Visiting a doctor for earwax impaction is often expensive, time consuming and sometimes painful.
Two clinical studies demonstrated safety, so now sufferers can save time and money by treating their earwax impaction at home.