earnings report

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earnings report,

n a statement issued by a company showing its earnings or losses over a given period. The earnings report lists the income earned, expenses, and net result. Also called
income statement.
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It was a reflection of (investors') increased tolerance for riskier assets and the strong earnings report by Apple,'' he said.
The two former executives are suspected of being responsible for window-dressing the company's earnings report for the year ended in June 2006 when it reported sales of 77.
Brokers said among earnings reports that disappointed investors was one from major U.
The earnings reports sparked expectations for solid earnings from other companies, thus boosting buying interest.
Six of the 14 covering analysts adjusted their projections for full-year earnings following the earnings report, pushing the consensus estimate to $2.
As mentioned, after an initial sell off after the earnings report, DXPE changed direction and finished last week strong, closing at a 52-week high.
MediaSentiment(TM) consists of a number of indices that measure NYSE and Nasdaq companies' earnings reports and news media coverage as positive, negative or neutral.
So far, a pullback in crude-oil prices and some solid earnings reports have spurred traders to some light buying on the SPX, but the index remains capped by the 1,270 level and its 10-week moving average.
Prompting this rollercoaster of a ride is a mix of earnings reports from some heavy hitters in the tech sector along with news of yet another incident in London.
GOOG has become notorious in its short life as a public company for serious volatility in the wake of its earnings reports.
Stocks are modestly higher on some strong earnings reports and benign economic data.