Early Bird

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A popular term for a person whose circadian period is shorter than 24 hours, who wakes up well past his/her peak sleepiness phase
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Earlybird Advance provides Americans USD 500 to USD 1000 without any loan fees or interest as soon as 24 hours after the IRS accepts their tax return.
In respect of each Series of Notes, subject to the fulfilment of the Settlement Conditions, only Noteholders who submit or deliver, or arrange to have delivered on their behalf, valid and unrevoked Voting Instructions in favour of the relevant Extraordinary Resolution to the Tabulation Agent, on or prior to the Earlybird Consent Expiration Date shall be eligible to receive the Earlybird Consent Fee.
Participation in the Earlybird Digital East Fund is a new strategic direction for Zain as we aim to benefit from innovation coming out of fast-growing and dynamic regions of Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey.
First Class return is PS75 per person without a Thursday earlybird ticket and PS100 if you need one.
MassDevelopment, the state's finance and development agency that created MassMEC, selected EarlyBird Power to manage the collaborative following a competitive bidding process.
The earlybird ticket release will give music fans the opportunity to get tickets at 2011 prices.
Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) yesterday announced that it will donate USD1 from every EarlyBird Check-In purchase until 4 October 2010 to support the National Wildlife Refuge Association (NWRA) with its Gulf wildlife recovery efforts.
Washington, July 8 (ANI): Physical inactivity has little if any role to play in the obesity epidemic among children, according to a new report from the EarlyBird Diabetes Study.
The pool is also available for all earlybird swimmers from 7am to 9am and for pre-booked activities including Aquafit sessions.
Aden Murcott, chief executive of Flywho low cost airline, was the guest speaker at a Solihull Chamber of Commerce Earlybird Breakfast.
SKI lovers can see what's available next year, and grab earlybird offers, with the 2005/06 Snow Preview brochure from Virgin Holidays (tel: 0871 222 0308 ).
NE-1 is similar to Rise, Huntsman, Sunrise, and Earlybird in plant height and averages 6 cm shorter than Cope.