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A horizontal piercing through the bridge of the nose
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Five of the six new men to be raised to earldoms in 1337 had made worthwhile marriages by the time Edward gained independent control of the kingdom in 1330, thereby making them significantly less expensive to endow than they otherwise would have been.
94) The usefulness of such a connection to the earldom of Ormond lay, then, in expanding the influence of the Irish estate which Darcy had developed over the course of his career.
125) But it is notable that, unlike Brian, this was the only patronage Dagworth would get -- the king, probably rightly, feeling control over an entire earldom was a more than generous gift for one of his war captains.
surveys the limited, but important, historical evidence regarding the export of dried fish from the medieval earldoms.
It is also interesting that saith -- typically the second most abundant taxon in Viking Age and medieval assemblages from the earldoms (Barrett et al.
Direct evidence for fish trade is thin before the 15th century, when the historical record regarding all facets of life in the earldoms begins to improve.