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A horizontal piercing through the bridge of the nose
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This seamless yet complex narrative employs incidents from Earl's youth, including the seminal event of Earl being bitten by a poisonous cottonmouth snake.
The second part of the strategy was pretty easy, as only Earl and his father hunt the property.
The Buddy and Earl series, likely to add to the author's and illustrator's award-winning works, is a cross between a picture book and an easy reader, reflected in the size of the attractive hardcovers.
Ralston told police that Earl was not his dog but that he was watching the dog for a friend, later identified as Jordan Woody.
Earl came up as a member of the Los Angeles-based rap collective, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them ALL which rose to internet infamy in 2010.
Mr Moore, a former friend who had been involved in a legal row with him over a painting, said the earl acted like "a man possessed".
The Earl, who was named on court documents as David Brudenell-Bruce, also faced a charge of criminal damage after he threw a handful of debris at a Mitsubishi L200 driven by an estate employee on May 17.
A friend of the couple said: "Despite it being a while since a newborn was around, the Earl is really relishing impending fatherhood.
The suggestion has been fuelled by claims of a new sighting of Pippa at Earl George's family hunt at the castle.
The 16th Earl was President of the Board of Trade and Governor General of Canada, and the 17th was Minister of War during the First World War, as well as Ambassador to France after the conflict.
laughs Earl, as he takes a break from performing as Juan Peron in Evita, which returns to Liverpool on June 20.