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A horizontal piercing through the bridge of the nose
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Mrs Earl denied all the allegations against her, but did not give evidence at the hearing.
Earl had come to GM from California, where he'd gained Hollywood-level celebrity, first through Earl Automobile Works, which was established by his father, and then Don Lee Coach and Body Works, which had purchased Earl Automobile.
Buddy and Earl, transformed into superheroes Wonder Buddy and Super Earl, come face to face with the new neighbours, Mister the bulldog and Snowflake, a fluffy white cat.
Now it has confirmed Earl was convicted over the breach.
The bank has foreclosed on Earl's home, a once-blooming business has wilted and his worldly possessions are crammed into the back of his pickup truck.
Officers continued to carry out their surveillance and, eventually, noises were heard before Earl emerged, covered in a coloured substance which made them believe he had been hiding in insultation in the loft.
The Northern League side are favourites to win the Vase and they showed why in the opening stages with Earl, Liam O'Sullivan and Craig Gott all going close to opening the scoring.
The photograph arrives courtesy of local sheriff's deputy Mary, whose dying grandmother once gave Earl refuge after his father kicked him out.
This avid hunter started tagging along in the woods behind his father, Earl Sr., when he was just 8 years old.
The Channel 5 show Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors says the Earl wanted to follow Diana's coffin by himself at her funeral in September 1997.
Although "Hurricane" Earl has already started to die down as it was gaining traction in Belize's countryside, the country is still expected to get about a foot of rainfall as the storm moves on to the southern Yucatan Peninsula or towards Guatemala later Thursday. Honduras, Guatemala and the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico are predicted to get between eight and 12 inches of rain.
Buddy and Earl, the first book in the series, chronicles the pair's initial meeting, an antidote to Buddy's rainy-day boredom and loneliness.