Eakes, Georgene Gaskill

a nursing theorist who, with Mary Lermann Burke and Margaret A. Hainsworth, developed the Theory of Chronic Sorrow to describe the ongoing feelings of loss that arise from illness, debilitation, or death.
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Christopher O'Neal Eakes, 41, was arrested Monday for stealing his stepdaughter's puppy and selling it for meth, (http://wncn.
Eakes recruited and encouraged other young activists to play significant roles in the development process.
We are lucky to have Karen joining the Emerge Washington Team," said Pam Eakes of the Emerge Washington Organizing Committee.
on June 14 featured Gary Acosta, chief executive officer and cofounder of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), San Diego; Martin Eakes, chief executive officer, Self-Help Credit Union and Center for Responsible Lending; Laurie Goodman, co-director, Housing Finance Policy Center, Urban Institute, Washington, D.
Defense attorney Patty Eakes said she was surprised by the government's decision, given that jurors in the first trial leaned toward acquittal on the key charge that Kelley possessed stolen property.
Martin Eakes is co-founder and CEO of Self-Help Credit Union and the Center for Responsible Lending.
Proponents of the insider/outsider theory (for example, Eakes 2007) point to the use of adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) as evidence of deception.
According to Price, he observed Wiggs and Poe in the MHP vehicle followed by Hop Barnett and Grady Eakes, in Barnett's truck traveling north on Highway 19 into Philadelphia.
Martin Eakes, CEO of Self-Help, said, 'The Micro Branch is designed to meet the financial service needs of low-income families today and to connect them with actionable education and asset-building products that create economic opportunity and security for the future.
Beachys may turn to evangelical Protestantism for a variety of reasons, as discussed in Samuel Eakes Matthews, "The Development of Missional Vision in a Midwestern Amish Mennonite Congregation" (Fuller Theological Seminary, 2001), 115-119.