Eakes, Georgene Gaskill

a nursing theorist who, with Mary Lermann Burke and Margaret A. Hainsworth, developed the Theory of Chronic Sorrow to describe the ongoing feelings of loss that arise from illness, debilitation, or death.
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Melanie Eakes, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine executive vice president of Global Support & Quality Assurance, said, "This work with Hyundai Engineering is a great example of the type of automation and rules that we envisioned EPCs would create to differentiate themselves.
Martin Eakes is co-founder and CEO of Self-Help Credit Union and the Center for Responsible Lending.
Bridesmaids were Brittany Grantham, Lauren Smith, Ashley Eakes, Mary Catherine McDonniel, and Jessica Matthews.
The Ford Foundation Board of Trustees today announced the election of two new members, Martin Eakes and Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
Martin Eakes, CEO of Self-Help, said, 'The Micro Branch is designed to meet the financial service needs of low-income families today and to connect them with actionable education and asset-building products that create economic opportunity and security for the future.
Earlier studies of progressive diseases have identified recurrent periods of dejection or sorrow in association with personal losses caused by the disease, and the term chronic sorrow has been used to describe this (Ahlstrom, 2007; Eakes, Burke, & Hainsworth, 1998).
13 began caring for the animals after Callais signed over ownership to one of the groups, Acton-based A Wish for Animals, said founder Toni Eakes, who coordinated the effort with animal control.
The May 1 Bulletin continues to give servicers the authority to extend relief to borrowers with properties in the worst disaster areas, while recognizing that there are now more Gulf Coast counties and parishes with the economic strength to justify a return to pre-Katrina business operations," explained Janet Eakes, senior vice president of Freddie Mac's operations division.
Janet Eakes, Vice President of Mortgage Sourcing, Operations and Funding at Freddie Mac said, "By surpassing our performance threshold, you have demonstrated the commitment and diligence that are the hallmarks of the top achievers in the servicing industry.
But Sue Eakes, Cardiff Council's operational manager for catering services, said, at a major obesity seminar earlier this week, that schools were now 'awash' with milk and many children were throwing it away.
planning, mental-oriented) (Hainsworth, Eakes, & Burke, 1994; Kiely, 1972; Lipowski, 1970; Weisman, 1984).