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1. chemistry denotes the position seven atoms from the carboxyl group or other primary functional group.
2. Symbol for viscosity.


[ē′tə, ā′tə]
H, η, the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet.


A gene on chromosome 4q31.22 that encodes endothelin-A receptor, a member of the endothelin receptor group of G-protein-coupled receptors, located primarily in the vascular endothelial cells where they play a role in vasoconstriction, vasodilation, bronchoconstriction and cell proliferation.

Molecular pathology
EDNRA polymorphisms have been linked to migraine headache resistance.


Abbreviation for eta.


Abbreviation for eta.


(Η, η) (ā'tă)
1. The seventh letter of the Greek alphabet.
2. chemistry Denotes the position seven atoms from the carboxyl group or other primary functional group.
3. Viscosity.


estimated transmitting ability.
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Analysis of the 256 eta Aquariids observed by the author gave an overall mean magnitude of 2.
The CTR Workforce Reconstitution ETA will perform the work analysis and manpower development documentation needed to align the CTR workforce with NGEN acquisition and mission strategies.
An additional benefit is that students improve their own fitness while learning with eta.
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