English as a Second Language

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English as a Second Language



A curriculum designed to teach English diction, fluency, grammar, idioms, pronunciation, and vocabulary to people who want to attain English language mastery after a primary education in another language.

Patient care

Poor English language skills may be barriers to the achievement of good health or the use of health services in nations where English is spoken as the primary language (e.g., Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S.). Illiteracy may result in the misuse of medications, nonadherence to medical regimens, or obstacles to achieving access to health care. Translators skilled in the patient’s native language should be employed to enhance understanding whenever the patient’s English language skills are in question.

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In a Canadian study, Klesmer (1994) found that teachers overestimated the achievement of 12-year-old ESL students on a set of reading, writing, speaking, and listening tasks.
Their pre--and post-test gains on the English Brigance were significantly higher than the comparison groups of English learners who received ESL services only and who were placed in English submersion (in English submersion classes, all subject matter classes are taught in English without accommodations for English learners).
Scholars are quick to point out that there are numerous reasons that make working with ESL students different, and more difficult than working with Native English speakers (NES).
A survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics during the 1993-94 academic year found that approximately a third of schools enrolling LEP students offered both a bilingual and an ESL program; 71 percent of LEP students attended one of these schools, Bilingual education programs were available at 36 percent of schools enrolling LEP students, while ESL programs could be found at 85 percent of these schools.
We would love to expand, but we have reached the cap,'' said Lia Lerner, an ESL resource teacher.
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