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European Risk and Incidence, a Coordinated Analysis. A mega-collaboration intended to establish, through uniform analysis, the distribution of risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD) in Europe, compute a risk-map of Europe, and, by using available follow-up data, devise European coefficients for the multiple logistic function prediction of future CHD events
Conclusion Age, serum cholesterol, systolic, and cigarette smoking are all significant contributors to multiple risk for major acute coronary events (MACE) with CHD
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Ishiguro, whom she considers her father, said his life's goal was to instill Erica with "independent consciousness.
Erica said to the long mirror, and Mr Bright chuckled.
6, Erica Jean's body was found some 7 km from the village of Baliwasan, where her classmate lived.
Erica felt as soon as she was refused one financial support, she should have been notified there was an alternative.
Example 6: Erica takes gains on seven stocks to use up most of her loss carryovers, as explained in example 5.
Prasad has now mastered a minimally invasive technique called the Nuss Procedure, which he recommends to patients like Erica.
She tells Nick he should turf Erica out for being so brazen, but when he refuses Gail flounces off herself.
In this study, one student teacher, Erica, tried on various authoritative discourses she encountered along the way in order to determine which ones and to what degree they were internally persuasive to her.