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A gene on chromosome 5q31 that encodes an aldehyde dehydrogenase involved in lysine catabolism in the mitochondrial matrix.

Molecular pathology
ALDH7A1 mutation are associated with pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy.


expected progeny difference.
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being immediately accretive in terms of distributable cash flow per EPD common unit;
In addition to pursuing and publishing this EPD, Nucraft has taken a number of steps by which it has gained independent recognition under some of the most widely recognized certifications in the industry.
Building product manufacturers who develop an EPD early on will no doubt benefit from the new changes being proposed for LEED v4.
The EPD group was given the opportunity to present Saudi Aramco s mangrove conservation efforts to the other participants; eliciting positive feedback and suggestions.
NSF helps companies build a portfolio of sustainable products and spans the complete PCR/LCA/EPD process by supporting PCR development, verifying LCA and EPD data, and providing third-party verification of final EPD reports.
Publishing an EPD for the Medeco M3 CLIQ cylinder, a top-of-the-line high security product, was a natural 'next step' in our sustainability initiative.
We look forward to openly comparing our EPD with other forms of seafood packaging and would urge seafood suppliers, processors and retailers to ask their seafood packaging manufacturer to produce their EPD.
The winning EPD is determined based on the maximum energy (load x height) prior to failure (cracking of the egg constitutes failure of the EPD).
On implementation, he said that EPD inspectors had been authorized to visit any factory regarding the production of bio-degradable bags, adding that the violation of the law would result in legal proceedings against the violators while the local district management and the police would provide assistance to the EPD.
Air Partner's EPD also provides proactive contingency planning during potential threats, such as recent escalation on the Korean peninsula, where the EPD was on standby for eight separate clients.
Credit, huge respect and thanks are due to Eugene Police Department officer Kara Williams and other EPD women who had the ethics and backbone to speak up, stand up and shine a light on the deplorable sexual harassment they endured at the hands, literally, of now-fired EPD officer Stefan Zeltvay.
The EPD provides a forum to identify action items to strengthen the U.