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A gene on chromosome 5q31 that encodes an aldehyde dehydrogenase involved in lysine catabolism in the mitochondrial matrix.

Molecular pathology
ALDH7A1 mutation are associated with pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy.


expected progeny difference.
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The ruin approach is an improvement over the EPD approach in that the probability of insolvency is fixed at some minimum level for all insurers.
The EPD could then cross-reference any external ID (or combination of) with the appropriate internal ID for the requesting system.
In recent years, Epson has mainly concentrated on providing unique EPD controller products to e-book customers.
They said that the EPD again sent two reminder letters on October 11 and November 24, but it has still not received the desired information.
NSF helps companies build a portfolio of sustainable products and spans the complete PCR/LCA/EPD process by supporting PCR development, verifying LCA and EPD data, and providing third-party verification of final EPD reports.
I've no doubt his leadership skills will result in concrete, proactive steps towards zero tolerance for sexual harassment or unwanted sexual contact at the department or anywhere, ever, by any EPD employee.
EPD involves the use of intradermal injection once every 2 months for 18 to 24 months.
The Pasig City local government did not designate any community fireworks display zone, according to the EPD.
Manila, Philippines An official of the Eastern Police District (EPD) reiterated the importance of wearing helmets to all EPD personnel.
Sources said Baba Azeez crushing unit functiuoning at Bund road was working without NOC from EPD.
The acquisition will see EPE becoming a fully-owned unit of EPD and will result in the cancellation of the 2% economic general partner interest, the general partner incentive distribution rights in EPD and of some 21.