extraocular muscles

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ex·tra·oc·u·lar mus·cles (EOM),

the muscles within the orbit but outside of eyeball, including the four rectus muscles (that is, superior, inferior, medial and lateral); two oblique muscles (that is, superior and inferior), and the levator of the superior eyelid (that is, levator palpebrae superioris).
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ex·tra·oc·u·lar mus·cles

(eks'tră-ok'yū-lăr mŭs'ĕlz) [TA]
The muscles within the orbit including the four rectus muscles (superior, inferior, medial, and lateral), two oblique muscles (superior and inferior), and the levator of the superior eyelid (levator palpebrae superioris).
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Extraocular muscles

The muscles (lateral rectus, medial rectus, inferior rectus, superior rectus, superior oblique, and inferior oblique) that move the eyeball.
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Magnetic resonance imaging with contrast showed discrete spindle-shaped enlargements of the bellies of all of the EOMs without a spillover into the orbital fat of both eyes (Figure 1).
Essential oil of Mentha suaveolens (EOMS) was obtained from wild-type plants grown in Tarquinia forests (Rome, Italy) and extracted by 4-h hydro distillation of the leaves using a Clevenger-type apparatus as previously described (Angiolella et al., 2010), then analyzed for chemical composition by gas chromatography.
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(14) assessed the effect of an EOM in reducing bacteria in the mouth of mild gingivitis patients, and in subsequently decreasing the levels of bacteria in the bloodstream, after chewing an apple.
As the day advances, the observer completes the EOM questionnaire, indicating whether the table was ready at the time established by law; if all the necessary materials were ready before voting began, and if voters were able to access the tables easily; and every so often the observer would check-in with the leaders to give an update of the situation.
And leaving a cover on an EOMS while on a mission impairs the systems' ability to protect the aircraft from a threat.
(5) Tenon's capsule is pierced by each of the EOMs, which reflects back to form a fascial sheath around the muscle.
The pooled solvent extract was concentrated, and the percentage of extractable organic material (EOM) was determined by gravimetric measurement.