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This sample size provided a power of at least 90% to detect a 20 CFU/ml treatment difference between EOM and placebo.
This is a rare condition in which there is generalised EOM fibrosis and the eyes are fixed in an extremely convergent or, more rarely, divergent position.
Finally, academic EOM physician/scientists are directing or collaborating in multidisciplinary research that capitalizes on both clinical knowledge in individuals and epidemioiogic information from populations and results in new knowledge of clinically translatable value.
Of the stations where the EU EOM was able to observe, polling was generally rated as satisfactory or good, but was however rated as poor or inadequate in 9 percent of stations visited.
In its report to the Permanent Council, the Suriname EOM recommended alternatives for a speedier vote count, procedures for assisting and improving the participation of disabled voters, and the best options for carrying out elections given climate conditions.
The report's recommendations are based, in part, on an earlier set published by the EU EOM after the elections in June 2005, as well as on recommendations by a committee known as the Boutros Commission.
The extract was added to the column, and the EOM was eluted serially with hexane, 50:50 hexane:DCM, DCM, and methanol.
EOM interprets last gasp and power-up notifications and identifies the distinct characteristics displayed by sustained outage events.
Ms Bilbao Barandica, declared: "I am pleased to continue the important work of Chief Observer for the EU EOM to Timor-Leste, building on the track record of well-run, transparent and inclusive legislative elections.
He said "thanks to joint efforts and the constructive engagement of Egyptian authorities… the EU EOM is able to continue to observe the presidential election in Egypt as widely as possible throughout the country.
The EOM will be tasked with observing the presidential, parliamentary and local elections scheduled on May 20.