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Although part of this increase in the metropolitan area from 1998 was due to an increase in EMRSA notifications, most can be attributed to CAMRSA (unpub.
More than 78% of EMRSA isolates were identified as ST22-MRSA-IV (EMRSA-15), an nmEMRSA with the community type IV SCCmec.
Characteristics of EMRSA clones * (of 4,099 total MRSA isolates), Western Australia, July 1, 2003-December 31, 2004 CHEF pattern Clone (pulsotypes) n (% of total MRSA) ST22-MRSA-IV EMRSA-15 719 (17.
From 1983 to 1997, MRSA was categorized as EMRSA or WAMRSA according to antimicrobial drug resistance patterns based on previous genetic analysis (14).
Figure 2 shows notifications of WAMRSA and EMRSA in WA from 1983 to 2002.
The greatest contributor to EMRSA was UK EMRSA-15, which rose from 55 reports in 1998 to 383 in 2002.
This time span has afforded a unique opportunity to document 2 important occurrences, 1) preventing EMRSA from becoming established in the hospital system and 2) emerging community-associated MRSA throughout WA.