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Engstrom Multigas Monitor for anesthesia.

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Q. Hi everyone, My name is Emma and I have suffered with Bipolar disorder for 6 years I have been on medication for 5 years and I find this helps a little bit but I still suffer from severe mood swings. I am so sick of it, I get really angry over nothing at all and I abuse everyone around me, I know while I am doing it that I am being awful but I literally can not stop it! Does anyone else suffer like this? Does anyone have any advice on how to help?

A. when you abuse someone he takes it personally, this is why he get's hurt. he thinks he done something wrong, he gets angry, gets offended and such. but if you'll tell them that you are sorry but you might be like that and that it's not their fault (and not yours too!)- they'll understand and not be offended by you. they'll be more patient and calm when it'll happen. just telling people about your problem can really help, it's not obvious as it seems.

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From high-end requirements, such as digital HD signal process or parallel processing of multiple streaming signals, to low-end requirements, such as one-chip processor for SD-compatible devices, EMMA enables and empowers your digital AV application.
EMMA FARADAY (Haydn Gwynne) works with her husband and partner Alex (Robert Bathurst) at Faraday Wallpapers.
President of EMMA Ticket Jonathan Krane says, "Emma and Siemens have created one of the most advanced access control solutions and ticketing services in China at Workers' Stadium.
Im thrilled to have a strong Board in place that will, under Emmas leadership, help to drive the firms strategy forward.
Now Emmas vacation is about hospital visits and the emotional turmoil of dealing with mental illness.