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A reason that the ELSI of internet-leveraged, crowd-sourced, and citizen-led research has received so little philosophical attention may be that it reverses the causal relation between science and society that ELSI research usually assumes.
As with many scientific methods, however, continued practice reveals weaknesses embedded in the ELSI programs' strengths.
the ELSI score can be treated as a continuous, approximately normal variable.
They provide unique opportunities for ELSI scholars and students to work closely with scientists, thus helping to ensure that ELSI research is informed by science and that scientists are sensitive to ELSI issues.
Within a year of Kitcher's appointment, the working group's chair, Lori Andrews, resigned and the ELSI program was reorganized after a series of disputes with the Human Genome Project's leadership.
In addition to the two policy specialists from the college, the ELSI committee has 16 other members, representing a range of disciplines from across campus.
The whole concept of the NBAC and the ELSI program is ill-conceived.
The role and impact of genetics, genetic testing, and associated ELSI issues on pediatric nursing is a growing phenomenon.
In a 1995 report, the ELSI working group cited the case of a healthy four-year-old boy who was twice denied medical insurance.
The only problem with this proposal is that such a program, known as ELSI, already exists, firmly embedded within the Human Genome Project and receiving roughly 5 percent of its total budget--some of which Congress would like to take away for this new commission.
Applicants interested in conducting research on such topics are strongly encouraged to consider submitting R01 or R03 applications under one of the appropriate standing NHGRI PAs for the ELSI Program.
proposed devoting 5 percent of the total federal nanotechnology budget to research into ELSI issues.