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Before the interviews were coded, the first author examined all the transcripts and identified the major and minor grouping themes structured around the EKB model.
It's thus learnt from the EKB model that, consumption behavior is a continuous process during which different personal attitudes and values take shape under external stimulation, and various variables are interrelated.
An EKB embodies knowledge about the domain of the information system for which it was built.
The model researched for the examination of repurchase behaviour in this study was developed through the combination of the EKB model|11~ and the consumer complaint behaviour model presented by Day|14~, Jacoby and Jaccard|15~ and Oliver|16~, with expansions by Bearden and Teel|13~.
German port operator Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (ETR:HHFA), or HHLA, said Thursday it has agreed to set up a joint venture with Bremen-based transport company EKB Container Logistik.
Thus, the EKB serves as the glue that binds all the system's elements together to create a unified system.
Trying to get a piece of Internet-type valuations, Kaufman and Broad recently announced that it had established EKB, a division that will consolidate its Internet business.
EKB speeds innovation in materials science by helping scientists plan, execute, analyze, report, mine and manage experiments using a single system that is complementary to existing laboratory instrumentation and data management methods.
EKB (equipment knowledge base)/ tool repair knowledge base to archive history and knowledge for future repairs
Citibank acquired EKB from Bank Austria and Cariplo, an Italian bank.
Data collection of data on which to base the records and statistics of Record for financial assistance, EKB.
Open Competition: Radar Calibration EKB And Geophysical Analysis Of The Situation In Selected Periods