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The call-process gives Innovation Centres the chance to introduce themselves - their success stories and local ecosystems; their network; their technology, strategy and services -compete and, if selected, contribute to making their territories and innovation ecosystems, and the whole Europe THE real places for digital Innovation", explains Fabio Pianesi, Research Director of EIT Digital.
The first three KICs: Climate KIC, EIT ICT Labs and KIC InnoEnergy were selected in 2009.
Indicate which information, documentation and support requirements are applicable to the EIT contract deliverables.
Hungary's contribution may not seem large compared to the aggregate Euro 309 million budget of the EIT provided by the EU, still the last couple of months have seen unexpected changes.
Her unique corporate and academic background has led EIT to develop real-world partnerships with industry, linking directly to bottom-line results and forging truly innovative relationships unmatched by other U.
That meant no fluff courses for single-minded students, which suited 44-year-old Ed Forget, of East Springfield, just fine when he enrolled in an electronics program at EIT in June 2007.
These planned steps come after the European Parliament earlier this year gave the final green light for EIT, which is to be up and running in 2010.
EIT offers its UV Power Puck FLASH, a self-contained, electrooptic radiometer designed for use with pulsed type UV curing systems with fast advanced electronics capable of accommodating the very rapid rise and fall times of the pulse, integrating the total UV energy and displaying that information for each of the process-relevant UV bands.
By that time Asia will have an unassailable innovation lead, and the EIT will have become a mausoleum for immense EU failure.
The Commission wants EIT to specialise in areas with the greatest potential for innovation such as nanotechnologies, green energy, climate change, and eco-innovation.
Inco manager of process technology Ken Scholey oversees a group of 18 engineers within the EIT program, nine of whom are women.
As of 25 June, government contracts awarded for EIT must contain technology that is accessible to disabled federal employees and disabled members of the public.