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Abbreviation for:
eccentric hypertrophy
emotional handicap 
emotionally handicapped
employee health
endometrial hyperplasia
enlarged heart
epidermal hyperplasia
epidermolytic hyperkeratosis
epidural haematoma
epithelial hyperplasia
epithelioid hemangioendothelioma
epithelioid haemangioma
essential hypertension
extramedullary haematopoiesis
extremely high


The symbol for the oxidation-reduction (redox) potential. The redox potential is the electric potential energy needed to transfer a mole of electrons from an oxidant to a reductant. The use of catalysts to remove contaminants from water supplies during water treatment relies on measurements of the redox potential. It is usually referenced to the potential of a standard electrolytic cell.


n the symbol for oxidation-reduction potential, which is regarded as a significant factor in the protection of the body against anaerobic bacteria. The eH of living tissue of pH level 7.4 is about 0.12 volt.
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Additional references to help support your efforts at demonstrating EHS value
He said that in outlining last year's EHS performance "we have demonstrated in the second half of 2014 that we are able to achieve excellent EHS performance, and we were able to set records like eight million employee-hours worked without a lost time injury by the end of the year, which went hand in hand with our outstanding reliability performance when we achieved 374 days without a reset of our reliability clock.
Majid Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Chairman of the EHS Higher Committee, who launched the system at the ceremony, said the Abu Dhabi Government has been continuously supporting efforts to ensure safe work places.
The awards are presented to those individuals who have exemplified dedication and service and helped build and improve EHS conditions within the metalcasting industry.
3 billion total nanotechnology research funding--to research that was primarily focused on the EHS risks of nanotechnology.
To synergize with the recently released NIEHS Strategic Plan, the next generation of EHS CCs will identify opportunities to translate environmental health research and basic science to public health and the clinic.
Knowledgeable observers note that EHS has existed as a major risk over the past 25 years, yet only within the last two to three years has it begun to receive high-profile status as a corporate governance issue.
NYSE, TSX: AL) celebrated its 3rd annual EHS FIRST Day today at its Montreal headquarters to promote the environment, and employee Health and Safety (EHS).
The team from Aker Kvaerner's EHS & Risk consultancy spoke to us about their experience with environmental regulation and industries in the North-East.
After conducting a thorough distribution of effort (DoE) evaluation, an analysis that establishes how personnel across the company actually spent their time, it was determined that the potential risks associated with cutting EHS expenses were too high.
The EHS and two other studies--Fragile Families and Child Well-being study and the Early Childhood Longitudinal Birth Cohort study--became part of a new set of studies that would produce unprecedented data on how men father, the investments they make on behalf of their children, the determinants of father involvement, the influence of this involvement on their children's development, and the barriers and challenges fathers face.
has launched EHS Global Alert, a new information service for legal and management professionals at corporations with operations outside the U.