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Abbreviation for:
electronic health record, see there 
embryonic heart rate
environmental health review
exercise heart rate
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Abbreviation for electronic health record.
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1. A written account of something. See: problem-oriented medical record
2. In dentistry, a registration of jaw relations in a malleable material or on a device.

anecdotal records

Notes used in nursing education to document observed incidents of a student's clinical behavior related to attainment of clinical learning objectives. Such anecdotal notes have not been treated as hearsay evidence in a court but have been upheld as documented evidence for failing a student.

electronic health record

Abbreviation: EHR
Electronic medical record.

electronic medical record

Abbreviation: EMR
A computerized database that typically includes demographic, past medical and surgical, preventive, laboratory and radiographic, and drug information about a patient. It is the repository for active notations about a patient's health. Most EMRs also contain billing and insurance information and other accounting tools.
Synonym: electronic health record

functional chew-in record

A record of the natural chewing action of the mandible made on an occlusion rim by the teeth or scribing studs.

interocclusal record

Bite plate.

medical record

A written transcript of information obtained from a patient, guardian, or medical professionals concerning a patient's health history, diagnostic tests, diagnoses, treatment, and prognosis.

medication administration record

Abbreviation: MAR
A file maintained on hospital units that documents the schedule and dosing of medications given to patients.

open medical record

A medical record accessible by the patient for his or her personal review.

personal health record

A summary of a patient's health care status (allergies, drugs taken, past hospitalizations, lab tests, radiology results, and surgeries) that is kept by the patient privately rather than stored in a hospital or third-party database.
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Yours is the one that has been selected; hopefully through the referrer's EHR. Now you need the patient to arrive so the test(s) can be performed, and the patient can be billed.
Our empirical strategy is to estimate the association between EHR (+) and length of stay (LOS) in an ordinary least-squares (OLS) regression, while controlling flexibly for a comprehensive set of patient and encounter-specific covariates that independently affect the outcome of interest.
PE has been defined as EHR use will increase the medical student job performance while EE has been defined as the degree of feeling easy to adapt to EHR environment.
The large practices segment commanded the largest share of the global ambulatory EHR market in 2016, owing to factors such as the availability of capital investments, ability to handle the productivity challenges that are created by new EHR adoption, and ability to choose among vendors.
The survey questions were developed from a review of the literature related to EHR competencies in health education.
This smaller organization can that way outsource the IT components of the EHR implementation to that host hospital, thus getting not only a cheaper cost than they would by purchasing it on their own, but also taking advantage of the transfer of clinical data and having everything on a single platform, McHugh says.
How these work flows are the same or different between your office and the new practice or your EHR and the new EHR that you're going to, they are different.
David Troxel, Medical Director for the Doctors Company, (a national physicians' medical liability insurer) "It's too early to know the exact effect of EHRs on litigation There's a lag in terms of several years between the occurrence of an adverse event and when a claim is filed, so EHR related claims have not been seen in significant numbers.
In the twelve-month period prior to the implementation of EHR 10,399 patients underwent a transthoracic echocardiogram.
Physicians are also concerned that EHR systems might interfere with the patient-physician interaction (eg, maintaining eye contact, paying attention to patients' concerns) by directing the physician's attention away from the patient and toward the computer.
Cerner will implement its Millennium EHR in each hospital's inpatient and ambulatory facilities, as well as practice management solutions, remote hosting and end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions.
Of system-related EHR claims, 10% involved system design failures.