extensor hallucis brevis

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extensor hallucis brevis

; EHB intrinsic foot muscle
  • origin anterior dorsal surface of calcaneum, and parts of local inferior extensor retinaculum

  • insertion into dorsum of base of proximal phalanx of hallux

  • nerve supply deep peroneal nerve

  • action extension of first metatarsophalangeal joint

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The EHB package includes 10 classes of benefits, including some, such as coverage for inpatient hospital and coverage for physician services, that were available through most major medical plans before the EHB rules took effect, in January 2014.
The EHB package requirement did not exist before 2010, but the idea of eliminating it has drawn harsh criticism.
From the EHB, results were similar to the AHB, with Nosema most common in Texas (22%) and lowest in New Mexico (0% infection) (P = 0.
The ACA-mandated EHB categories are incredibly broad.
Instead, HHS recommended that each state establish its own EHB by choosing among four existing plans:
We've found that, in just a few years, EHB marker genes in nuclear DNA have become very difficult to detect in feral honey bee populations.
Molecular genetic analyses of samples collected by hunters from EHB and WHB support the division between an EHB population centered on the Hudson Bay arc and a WHB population that encompasses one or several stocks from elsewhere in Hudson Bay (Brennin et al.
The rotary hammers (EHB 11BL 3/4 inch hex, EHB 11BLS spline, and EHB 11BLM SDS max brushless rotary hammers are also lightweight and produce 14 pounds per blow of impact energy, at a rate of 1000 to 2600 blows per minute.
TRW says the EHB combines the ability to provide the optimum brake pressure at each wheel with the capacity to supply this pressure more quickly than a conventional hydraulic braking system.
For the European braking market, DaimlerChrysler is taking the lead with an ElectroHydraulic Braking (EHB) system for the Mercedes SL-Class and also plans to introduce EHB to all future Mercedes models.
1996), Empire charged that EHB and the Department of Environmental Resources (DER) had exceeded their statutory authority by not confining their review to mining permits, and that DER had usurped duties reserved to the courts in determining interests in real property.