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Eligibility criteria included the following: (1) all patients were confirmed GC, (2) studies compared IEJ and EEJ in patients who underwent LTG, and (3) availability of data for anastomosis-related complications.
According to four studies reporting anastomotic time,[19],[21],[22],[24] the meta-analysis found that there was no difference between IEJ and EEJ patients (WMD: 2.
IEJ and EEJ had equivalent time to first flatus (WMD: −0.
IEJ and EEJ had equivalent risk for esophagojejunostomy leakage ( OR : 0.
In this meta-analysis, we found IEJ and EEJ could performed in comparable time similar to that historically reported for.
This study demonstrated no statistical differences between IEJ and EEJ neither in leakage nor stenosis.