eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus

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east·ern e·quine en·ceph·a·lo·my·e·li·tis vi·rus

a virus of the genus Alphavirus (formerly group A arbovirus), in the family Togaviridae, occurring in the eastern U.S.; it is normally present in certain wild birds and small rodents as an inapparent infection but is capable of causing eastern equine encephalomyelitis in horses and humans following transfer by the bites of culicine mosquitoes.
Synonym(s): EEE virus
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EEE virus is found in eastern Canada, all states east of the Mississippi River, Arkansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas, the Caribbean, and regions of Central and South America (particularly along the Gulf coast).
EEE virus can be isolated from 27 species of mosquito in the United States with the most important vector being Culiseta melanura (a mosquito that feeds primarily on birds).
This species, therefore, potentially could serve as an important bridging vector for EEE virus from swamp habitats into populated areas, although there is no evidence to indicate this has occurred.
This species feeds almost exclusively on birds and is the primary enzootic vector of EEE virus.
Editorial Note: This is the first documented isolation of EEE virus from Ae.
albopictus mosquitoes from Houston became infected with EEE virus after feeding on viremic chicks, and 57% of those mosquitoes refeeding transmitted the virus 15 days postinfection [6].
In 1990, EEE virus was recovered earlier and in greater numbers than at any time previously in these areas.
LANCASTER - The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) announced Wednesday that EEE virus has been detected in a horse from Lancaster.