eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus

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east·ern e·quine en·ceph·a·lo·my·e·li·tis vi·rus

a virus of the genus Alphavirus (formerly group A arbovirus), in the family Togaviridae, occurring in the eastern U.S.; it is normally present in certain wild birds and small rodents as an inapparent infection but is capable of causing eastern equine encephalomyelitis in horses and humans following transfer by the bites of culicine mosquitoes.
Synonym(s): EEE virus
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Third, in addition to the decreased ability to monitor vector mosquito populations, testing for arboviruses other than WNV, SLE virus, and EEE virus is patchy and inadequate to detect or monitor their presence in many states.
Earlier this summer, a single mosquito from Tuscola County also tested positive for the EEE virus.
Over the past decade, EEE virus (EEEV) transmission has resurged in the northeastern region of North America.
The contest was originally slated to be played tonight (Friday), but was rescheduled due to the EEE virus threat in Northboro.