eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus

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east·ern e·quine en·ceph·a·lo·my·e·li·tis vi·rus

a virus of the genus Alphavirus (formerly group A arbovirus), in the family Togaviridae, occurring in the eastern U.S.; it is normally present in certain wild birds and small rodents as an inapparent infection but is capable of causing eastern equine encephalomyelitis in horses and humans following transfer by the bites of culicine mosquitoes.
Synonym(s): EEE virus
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* EEE virus is found in eastern Canada, all states east of the Mississippi River, Arkansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas, the Caribbean, and regions of Central and South America (particularly along the Gulf coast).
Colocalization of lesions, virus, and brain inflammation in 2 children in a study of EEE, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 1970-2010 * Patient, anatomical Inflammation EEE virus MRI showing location ([dagger]) ([dagger]) lesion(s) ([double dagger]) Patient 10 Frontal cortex +++ +++ +++ Parietal cortex ++ ++ ++ Temporal cortex ++ +++ ++ Occipital cortex + - - Thalamus +++ +++ ++ Basal ganglia ++ +++ +++ Cerebellar cortex + + - Patient 12 Frontal cortex ++ ++ ++ Parietal cortex + + - Temporal cortex ++ ++ - Occipital cortex + ++ - Thalamus ++ ++ +++ Basal ganglia ++ ++ +++ Cerebellar cortex + ++ - Parameter comparison Correlation coefficient ([section]) Inflammation vs.
Editorial Note: An increased number of EEE cases had been anticipated in 1992 for two reasons: 1) in 1991, EEE virus had been isolated from Aedes albopictus [2], a more anthropophilic mosquito vector; and 2) in 1991, an EEE epizootic occurred in the Southeast [1].
Editorial Note: This is the first documented isolation of EEE virus from Ae.
This species feeds almost exclusively on birds and is the primary enzootic vector of EEE virus. These specimens were solicited to determine if WN virus-infected birds were being fed upon as they migrated south in late summer and early fall.
In 1990, EEE virus was recovered earlier and in greater numbers than at any time previously in these areas.
LANCASTER - The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) announced Wednesday that EEE virus has been detected in a horse from Lancaster.
He said there have been no positive identifications of EEE virus within the city, adding it is important for the community to understand the clear and distinct differences between the two viruses and the different steps taken for protection against them.
Before the virus inoculation, serum samples from all horses were tested for preexisting antibodies to VEE, eastern (EEE), and western equine encephalitis (WEE) viruses by using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) with cell lysates prepared from BHK-21 cells infected with VEEV strain Trinidad donkey (21,22), EEE virus strain 82V2137 (23), and WEE virus strain Fleming (24).
albopictus in the United States has prompted concern because of its potential for transmission of EEE virus. This mosquito was imported from Asia to Texas, where it was discovered in 1985, and has since become widespread in the central and southern United States (7).