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n electrodermal response; a skin conductance measurement indicating the general level of automatic—or involuntary—arousal. See also biofeedback.
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For this to be changed, EDR solutions should become an imperative for any modern enterprise security strategy," said Nikita Shvetsov, CTO at Kaspersky Lab.
An EDR bond also offers some advantages to the contractor.
At ISC, we will be demonstrating the world's fastest Lustre appliance in conjunction with Mellanox's EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand interconnect.
The EDR may record pre-crash vehicle dynamics and system status, driver inputs, restraint usage/deployment status, and post-crash data, such as activation of an automatic collision notification system.
One reason many people don't know they have an EDR is because there is no requirement the vehicle instruction manual list its existence.
In the 10 months since the launch of commonground, the numbers for EDR have been encouraging.
Clinical evidence of this kind accomplishes three objectives: to demonstrate to the pharmaceutical research and clinical oncology communities that the Oncotech EDR Assay platform is a validated testing instrument leading to increased adoption by the oncology community; to strengthen clinical support of the Oncotech EDR Assay technology required by healthcare insurers for optimal reimbursement; and to validate the Oncotech EDR Assay results further substantiating the technology as a key platform that can be leveraged as a reference in the identification of molecular signatures of chemoresistance.
One footnote is that the advent of EDR data will not only impact auto claims handling, but will likely extend into underwriting and even rating arenas with the EDR collision data gathered and analyzed over time to provide detailed damage and repair costs information by specific vehicle type.
Inevitably, risk managers will look at airbag EDR data over any of the others because, at least for now, that data is most accessible and relevant to accident investigations.
In early April, Iowa's governor, Chet Culver, signed an EDR bill, under which the state will begin using the procedure in January 2008.