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The use of structured electronic messages or email to transfer lab results, prescriptions, etc., from one computer system or setting to another.
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Abbreviation for electronic data interchange.
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estimated daily intake



The presumed daily exposure to or consumption of an nutrient or chemical residue.
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For instance a purchase order message (Edifact message type -- ORDERS) request might return an order acknowledgement (Edifact message type -- ORDRSP) followed by an invoice message (Edifact message type -- INVOIC).
Now a global, universal syntax has been agreed internationally: "EDIFACT" (see box on page 14), and standard EDIFACT message types are available.
The use of EDIFACT significantly reduces the costs in realization of businesses with simultaneous reduction of errors in data transfer.
Now that the development work for EDIFACT serials invoicing with ALEPH500 is complete, integration between Swets Blackwell and libraries using ALEPH500 can easily be achieved.
In addition to workshops, ISSS has control of two other technical standards development entities: technical committees (TCs) relevant to ICT that were formally directly administered by CEN and the new European Board for EDIFACT Standards.
Data coding and structures--ANSI, EDIFACT, CPFR, data identifiers.
Software is used, such as the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) X12 and EDIFACT, which converts files into the standard format before they are electronically transmitted.
It supports all of the major standards, including UN/ EDIFACT, TDCC, UCS/WINS TRADACOMS, and, most important for CSC Healthcare Group, proprietary formats.
To ensure retrieval at a much later date, the signed document is then converted into an application-neutral format such as EDIFACT ( the United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport format) or Xml (eXtended Markup Language) and stored in a 'secure archive' which is provided by the software.
Parallel efforts in standards development have been proceeding in Europe, leading to the development of the EDIFACT standards (EDI for Administration, Commerce and Trade).
By integrating with B2BGateway's cloud based EDI solution the NetSuite user can be compliant in all internationally recognized EDI standards and communication protocols such as EDIFACT, ANSI X12, Tradacoms, oioUBL, PEPPOL, VAN, AS2, etc.