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The first cycle of EDC, known as EDC1, was a resounding success, according to Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez.
Most of FHWA's initial technical teams, each assigned to one of the selected EDC1 innovations, completed their cycle in December 2012.
Configuracion 4: Escenario de simulacion con tecnica de pre-compensacion electronica para la CD, aplican EDC1, EDC2, EDC3 y EDC4.
La Figura 12 muestra la configuracion del escenario de simulacion con la tecnica de pre-compensacion optica para la CD, en la cual se aplican EDC1, EDC2, EDC3 y EDC4.
Additionally, the best practice programs include regularly scheduled divisional DCPO training, Damage control GMT, lessons learned and EDC1 equipment spot checks by senior members of the chain of command.
The meetings provided participants with details on the first wave of EDC initiatives, known as EDC1, and encouraged States to use them in their projects.
Today, New Mexico's council is focused on 12 EDC1 innovations and 5 additional initiatives under EDC2.
In addition, the most effective programs include regularly scheduled division DCPO training, damage control GMTs, and EDC1 equipment spot checks by senior members of the chain of command.
Here is a look at implementation rates for the first phase of EDC, known as EDC1, and an overview of innovations introduced in the second phase, known as EDC2.
A previous article, "Every Day Counts," published in the January/February 2012 issue of PUBLIC ROADS, outlines how the EDC initiative works and discusses in detail the first wave of innovations under EDC1.
Force revisions have added MIP 5940 to the EDC1 PMS deck.
This is where EDC1 personnel need to be active in scheduling recharging instead of waiting for someone to tell you when there's 10 minutes available to do the work.