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1 abbreviation for ethylene dibromide.
2 abbreviation for expected date of birth. See expected date of delivery.

extensor digitorum brevis

; EDB intrinsic foot muscle
  • origin from anterior dorsal surface of calcaneum and local inferior extensor retinaculum; it divides into four parts

  • insertion lateral three segments insert into long extensor tendons of second, third and fourth toes, and thence into their intermediate and terminal phalanges via their dorsal expansions; most medial segment forms extensor hallucis brevis (see extensor hallucis brevis)

  • nerve supply deep peroneal nerve

  • action extension of second, third and fourth metatarsophalangeal joints and extension of interphalangeal joints of second, third and fourth toes


ethylene dibromide; a grain fumigant toxic to chickens.
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