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Emergency contraceptive pills; ECPs

Medication containing synthetic hormones for preventing pregnancy after unprotected vaginal intercourse.
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Had average Euro-to-dollar exchange rates been equal over both periods, fourth-quarter ECPS revenues would have grown 7.
Chen concludes that the ECPS data reveal another challenge for Brown.
Excluding further acquisitions in 2001, Technitrol said that it anticipates consolidated revenues for the full year to range between $595 million and $620 million, including $345 million to $360 million in the ECS and $250 million to $260 million in the ECPS.
In the ECPS, "AMI Doduco is working very hard to optimize customer relationships by increasing the amount of value-added in our products and services," Papada said, and by "convincing customers of the value of outsourcing the design and production of contact parts and component subassemblies.
Felix Chen, President of ECPS, said, "The data suggests that Markey's domination of the air waves with television ads are having the intended effect of allowing him to define his opponent, which has lowered the favorable opinion of Gomez, while increasing his own support from undecided voters.
The 42-volt automotive electrical system is driving significant new product development programs for both materials and parts, particularly in Europe, and ECPS managers are working very hard to win development contracts for our component subassembly business as well as our traditional contact business.
Felix Chen, President of ECPS, indicated the 10 point lead is a reflection of Markey's strong support among women voters.
industrial production continued to contract, consistent with end-market performance reported by ECPS customers, especially in markets related to machine tools and commercial/industrial controls.
The inclusion of Telelogic's latest products, DOORS ECPS and DOORS/Analyst and DOORS Tender Management into this agreement has helped to bolster the range of functionality available to our engineers and project managers in the challenging task of managing complex requirements.
The next ECPS poll on the VA Governor race will be October 1, 2013.
Last September, as the NFL came under fire for its handling of domestic violence, an ECPS poll found that 47% of Americans believed the league needed to do more to address the issue.
President's Obama's plummeting popularity might be hurting the Democrat candidates; since an October 15 ECPS poll, the president's unfavorable rating in the state, which he won by 23 points in 2012, has climbed from 43% to 52%.