ECG trigger

ECG trig·ger

use of the electrocardiogram, usually the R wave, to control electronically some recording or imaging apparatus. See: cardiac gating.
Synonym(s): EKG trigger
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The acquisition of images using an ECG trigger and patient breath holds is referred to as gating.
The examination included a noncontrast ECG triggered acquisition of calcium scoring and a post contrast ECG synchronized acquisition of coronary images.
This requires efficient use of scout or CAC images for determination of the shortest optimal scan length (usual range 128-160 mm) so that all cardiac structures are optimally visualized along the z-axis starting from 1cm above the left main artery origin to 1 cm below the diaphragm Prospective ECG triggered image Obtaining images only during one acquisition phase ([+ or -] padding) of cardiac cycle (mid-diastole), rather than continuous imaging during the entire cardiac cycle for the majority of studies Low tube voltage settings Using the lowest tube voltage possible (preferably 80-100 kV, max.