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1. To take solid food.
2. To chew and swallow any substance as one would food.
3. To corrode.
[A.S. etan]
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v. ate (āt), eaten (ēt′n), eating, eats
a. To take into the body by the mouth for digestion or absorption.
b. To take in and absorb as food: a plant that eats insects; a cell that eats bacteria.
c. To include habitually or by preference in one's diet: a bird that eats insects, fruit, and seeds; stopped eating red meat on advice from her doctor.
a. To consume food.
b. To have or take a meal.

eat′er n.
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A gene on chromosome 11q21 that encodes an anti-apoptotic protein of the Bcl-2 family.
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1. To take solid food.
2. To chew and swallow any substance as one would food.
3. To corrode.
[A.S. etan]
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Q. I have been struggling with an eating disorder. Can I reverse this? Hi everybody! Here is Tom of 25 yrs old male. I have been struggling with an eating disorder. Now I have low bone density into the osteoporosis level. My level is -2.6. I'm still young, is there hope for me? Can I reverse this? Are there any herbs or other supplements that may help me?

A. most people who has eating disorder wouldn't believe you if you'll say them they have a problem. anorexic girls believe they are fat even when they are all skin and bones. you passed that stage. that stage was the hard one. not that you are facing an easy journey, but the hardest part is behind you. here is a site that will be a big help for you:

Q. what should i eat and not eat

A. depends on the situation,but i would talk to a nutrition professional,

Q. Can eating carbs help you lose weight?

A. nope- they do just the opposite. carbohydrates are a compound sugar. there are diets that use only carbs, diets that use non but in the end- they are just unhealthy.

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A report by schools watchdog Ofsted earlier this year found EAZs had failed to become the "test beds of innovative action" envisaged by ministers and had no impact on secondary school standards.
Kel Dennis, who died in May, aged 59, from cancer, was the EAZ's inspirational music co-ordinator who masterminded the project.
A report, to be released by the education watchdog today, says only a third of schools in the Excellence in Cities (EiC) and Education Action Zones (EAZs) programmes have managed to cut truancy rates.
Kevin Cantillon, EAZ co-ordinator at the school, in Deedmore Road, said: "These walls hadn't been painted for at least eight or nine years, so it really brightened up the whole corridor.
Education Action Zones are having a real impact on thousands of pupils, parents and teachers across the city and through ICS's evaluation work with Zones it has been able to measure the benefits of their activities and found not only that EAZs are raising levels of educational achievement but are also increasing pupil confidence and motivation as well as enhancing family support for learning.
Across the whole school, attendance has improved from 90% to 94%, largely due to the support of the EAZ's attendance officers and also the work of the EAZ's social inclusion team has enabled children in danger of permanent exclusion to remain within our school.
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