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an abbreviation used in studies of complement, in which E represents erythrocyte, A antibody, and C complement.


A gene on chromosome 16q12.1 that encodes a cytoplasmic protein with deubiquitinating activity and plays a key role in regulating pathways leading to NF-kappa-B activation, which affects cell survival, proliferation and differentiation.

Molecular pathology
CLYD mutations are causatively linked to cylindromatosis, multiple familial trichoepithelioma and Brooke-Spiegler syndrome.
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A third energy package involving the Troika essentially calls for an effective and efficient way of separating the EAC, he said.
While it is certainly correct to suggest that the EAC, which is home to approximately 135m people, and a new frontier for oil and gas exploration, will attract greater levels of foreign investment on the back of a monetary union, remittance finance and external aid will remain core sources of finance for the region.
Significant EAC changes demand nearimmediate revisits to TOC estimates.
While in RP skin involvement is most commonly encountered as vasculitis, erythema nodosum or superficial thrombophlebitis, when the literature was examined it was found that there is only one case where recurring polychondritis and EAC were detected (17),(81).
Shaikha Hessa admired the various products made by the EAC children stating that those products showed unique skills and capabilities that were well cultivated and 
On physical examination, a large defect in the inferior wall of the EAC was observed; the tympanic membrane was normal (figure 1, A).
The negotiating framework has been approved by the EAC Board of Directors in June.
The EAC discussed a number of issues concerning the national economy, including proposals for the new budget, value-added tax and other taxation issues, public sector expenditure, expenses on the war on terror and documenting the national economy.
Gallup surveys last year show Rwandans (95%), Burundians (93%), and Ugandans (88%) who have heard of the EAC were more likely to see their countries as gaining from the EAC than either Kenyans (65%) or Tanzanians (58%).
HAVA authorizes EAC to make payments to states, under a formula, for certain enumerated purposes, including meeting the requirements of Title III of HAVA.
To remedy this, the League of Women Voters has asked the EAC to act to ensure the following principles: States must accept and use the mail voter registration application form developed by the EAC; state mail voter registration application forms for voters in federal elections cannot be more restrictive than the mail voter registration application form developed by the EAC; state requirements that burden the acceptance and use of mail registration forms are inconsistent with the NVRA; and states should provide for broad dissemination of the mail voter registration form developed by the EAC and encourage its use.