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an abbreviation used in studies of complement, in which E represents erythrocyte, A antibody, and C complement.


A gene on chromosome 16q12.1 that encodes a cytoplasmic protein with deubiquitinating activity and plays a key role in regulating pathways leading to NF-kappa-B activation, which affects cell survival, proliferation and differentiation.

Molecular pathology
CLYD mutations are causatively linked to cylindromatosis, multiple familial trichoepithelioma and Brooke-Spiegler syndrome.
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Postoperatively, the contour of the inferior EAC was nearly normal and the tympanic drum remained normal (figure 2, C).
As a result, trade creation benefiting Kenya's fellow EAC partners is expected to be marginal, not only on account of these countries' relatively modest supply capacity and competitiveness, but also due to the small tariff reduction for Kenyan intra-EAC imports resulting from the CU.
The EAC takes its work seriously, as it has a responsibility to assure that quality material, which is both topical and accurate, reaches the reader.
The development represented a victory for the unions, who were dreading the legal separation of the EAC as a stepping stone to privatisation.
Reinforcement will be of the EAC Forum of Electoral Commissions and other regional fora and knowledge-sharing platforms for encouraging peer-learning among Partner States Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs), and also to generate, share, disseminate and apply evidence and research-based electoral knowledge.
Before concluding its two-day mission Wednesday, the EAC technical team was scheduled to brief South Sudanese ministers and high-level technocrats on the modalities of the EAC accession process.
EAC will update its 2011 outlook upon completion of the acquisition of UK-based firm Interdean International Relocation, which was announced last month.
The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) will decide by the end of July on its strategic partner for the terminal for liquefied natural gas, an EAC press release issued here on Wednesday said.
In view of concerns about voting systems and the important role EAC plays in certifying them, GAO was asked to determine whether EAC has (1) defined an effective approach to testing and certifying voting systems, (2) followed its defined approach, and (3) developed an effective mechanism to track problems with certified systems and use the results to improve its approach.
More than 50 Kenyan military, police and prisons officers are taking part in EAC military skills exchange program on counter terrorism and disaster management in Tanzania.
The meeting, which took place earlier in the day, is part of Anastasiades' initiative to talk EAC unions out of the strike they announced last week for April 6, which is to involve all personnel and could affect power supply.