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The practice of verifying results using multiple tests. In geometric terms, an unknown third point can be determined with one known side and two known angles
Lab medicine A popular term for the use of two or more tests to evaluate one condition
Surgical oncology A method for localising the exact position of a breast lesion by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, and wire angle


Oncology A method for determining the exact position of a breast lesion localized by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, wire angle. See Guided wire open biopsy. Cf Stereotactic biopsy.


n a methodological approach in qualitative research used to integrate, verify, and interpret data derived from many different sources, including interviews.

triangulation (trīang´yəlā´shən),

n a wedge-shaped area between the root surface and alveolar crest that permits the passage of radiographic rays.
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Panelists felt the first step in solving these and other E911 problems is the creation of a coalition of service providers, local and federal government officials, and representatives from various interest groups The coalition would study current location technology and its capabilities, establish practical accuracy requirements, and determine the best way to test location accuracy.
We have a proven, high-accuracy location solution that 21 carriers and multiple law-enforcement agencies rely on around the world, but this partnership with Globecomm establishes the first managed E911 Phase II service based on Polaris technology.
About 911 ETC 911 Emergency Telecom Company is a leading provider of E911 emergency services across the United States and Canada, helping organizations meet E911 regulations and keep people safe.
The E911 Emergency Response Solution from Teo includes 911 call recording, 911 call monitoring, secure automatic number identification (ANI) management, multiple group partitions for a variety of functions and much more.
By applying its proprietary technology, eTelemetry's award-winning products provide information leading to increased productivity, risk identification, reduced costs, greater E911 compliance, improved network efficiencies, and insights into how people collaborate.
Most hosted voice solutions on the market today have an E911 feature gap which can impact compliance and introduce significant liability, cost, and complexity to the end customer.
We are bringing the latest E911 technology to this platform to support multiple customer installation scenarios.
Amcom's recent acquisition of Commtech Wireless, along with the additions of XTEND Communications and Telident E911 solutions, further solidifies the company's market leadership.
For more information on E911 Manager Version 6 or E911 Anywhere, visit: https://marketplace.
SafeCall E911 is a comprehensive service providing end-users with an enhanced degree of safety and security," said NGT president and CEO Rich Grange.
We are proud to be the chosen vendor to monitor more wireless E911 emergency calls than any other company in the United States," said Jim Carroll of GSI Labs.
announced today that Kevin Sallmen has joined RedSky as Product Manager for the company's enterprise suite of on-premise and cloud-based E911 solutions including E911 Managerand E911 Anywhere.