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The practice of verifying results using multiple tests. In geometric terms, an unknown third point can be determined with one known side and two known angles
Lab medicine A popular term for the use of two or more tests to evaluate one condition
Surgical oncology A method for localising the exact position of a breast lesion by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, and wire angle


Oncology A method for determining the exact position of a breast lesion localized by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, wire angle. See Guided wire open biopsy. Cf Stereotactic biopsy.


n a methodological approach in qualitative research used to integrate, verify, and interpret data derived from many different sources, including interviews.

triangulation (trīang´yəlā´shən),

n a wedge-shaped area between the root surface and alveolar crest that permits the passage of radiographic rays.
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Panelists felt the first step in solving these and other E911 problems is the creation of a coalition of service providers, local and federal government officials, and representatives from various interest groups The coalition would study current location technology and its capabilities, establish practical accuracy requirements, and determine the best way to test location accuracy.
Chief Charette said he particularly likes the E911 automatic display, on a computer in the communications center, of a caller's location on a townwide map.
Qualcomm's Wrappe said wireless location services represent not only a means to defray or offset the costs of E911 implementation for rural carriers, but a way to grow revenues in general, boost their subscriber base and differentiate themselves from the competitors.
The Globecomm managed E911 Phase II service will deliver complete network coverage and 100-percent service availability for its customers across their subscriber bases, as well as across 2G and 3G networks.
The Emergency Gateway (EGW) is an on-site appliance that helps organizations automate and simplify E911 management for IP-PBX deployments.
With this survey, we learned from key stakeholders how the education sector values E911 technology and what they are doing to improve safety for their students and staff," said Steve Hill, president of Teo.
The E911 initiative began in 1996 with a Consensus Agreement to improve the "quality and reliability of 911 emergency services for wireless phone users.
Having LENS and Locate911-N compliance tested with Avaya gives businesses an Avaya compliant E911 solution that can be easily deployed on networks using the CS 1000," said Ermis Sfakiyanudis, eTelemetry's CEO.
By teaming with 911 Enable, we boost that value by expanding our E911 services with best-in-class Nomadic 911 capabilities to help our customers operate a safe workplace.
We are bringing the latest E911 technology to this platform to support multiple customer installation scenarios.
Through this relationship, Catalyst Telecom's reseller partners will have access to RedSky's innovative E911 solutions, enabling them to easily integrate these solutions into their end-user customers' Avaya voice solutions.
RedSky Technologies, Inc, a provider of E911 software solutions, launched on Monday (30 July) a new Broadcast Alert service that enables emergency and security personnel to quickly reach large groups of people with emergency and other alert messages.