erythorbic acid

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er·y·thor·bic acid

An optical isomer of ascorbic acid used as an antioxidant.
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If you're travelling under your own steam, prices start at E315 per adult and E125 per child for the same package.
The OZ Mobile IM Client is deployed as a pre-loaded client application on the new Samsung X427M and E317 mobile phones, which are available on the Cingular network; and the Samsung E315 is available on the T-Mobile network.
A leading provider of local custody, depot-bank and fund administration services to some of Germany's largest financial institutions and institutional investors, BHF Asset Servicing has E315 billion ($427.
Samsung has delivered the mobile AIM client on its E315, E317 and X427M models, and will deliver it on the C207 when that model is available for public purchase.
It will immediately lower Vivendi Universal's debt by E315 million.