sodium metabisulfite

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so·di·um met·a·bi·sul·fite

used as an antioxidant in injectable solutions.
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As per official statistics, Catalonia accounted for about 20 per cent, or an equivalent of E223.6 billion ($250.37 billion), of Spain's total GDP in 2016.
(220) Sterling K Clarren & Jan Lutke, "Building Clinical Capacity for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Diagnoses in Western and Northern Canada" (2008) 15:2 Can J Clinical Pharmacology e223 at e226-27.
The Japanese gaming giant has seen its stock price drop from over E223 at the beginning of 2011 to just E92.94 at close yesterday.
Even more alarmingly, the cheapest E223 ticket offered for a second class journey between Berlin and London could be bought for E49 on the German website.
The CL600 gets a 5513cc V12 with 517bhp and a e223,330 (ex works) price-tag.
"The use of E223 in burgers is permitted but there have been some reports linking E223 with an increase in allergic and asthmatic reactions"
Star performance Solerina, whose guts and perseverance enabled her to emulate her stablemate Limestone Lad with her third Hatton's Grace victory Conflicting figures The 6,019 crowd was 200 down on last year, while the E223,686 Tote aggregate was E28,000 down.
WEIGHTWATCHERS - SAUSAGES IN CIDER GRAVY WITH VEGETABLE MASH Not only does this contain hydrogenated vegetable fat but also e223 which can cause allergic reactions, particularly skin irritation, gastric irritation and asthma and is not recommended for consumption by children.
Citing consumer demand, Unilever, owner of the Birds Eye brand in the U.K., reformulated its beef burgers to eliminate E621 and E223 (monosodium glutamate and the preservative sodium metabisulfate).
Many orange drinks contain E221 and E223 which, the report claims, can cause intestinal disorders.