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The red pigment in beets (Beta vulgaris); elevated in urine of patients with beeturia.
[fr. betacyanin]
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14 Fire Barrier Systems Optical Density of Smoke Generated by E662 Solid Materials Surface Flammability of Materials Using a E162 Radiant Heat Energy Source 1 Test Method Applications ASTM UL E84 723 Retardants E119 263 Resistants/Protectant E136 Retardants E814 1479 Firestops 1709 Resistants/Protectant E1966 Firestops E1399 2079 Firestops E5.
En ellas se realizaron diferentes arrastres frente a las costas antioquenas (estaciones frente a Arboletes E162 a E166 en Macrofauna II; estacion costa afuera de Arboletes EA 267 en ANH I, ademas de las estaciones EA 276 y EA 277 en ANH II).
Solero also contains a variety of thickening agents - E162, E163, E410, E412 and E417.
On its own, it is rated UL 94V-0, and composites made with it reportedly can easily pass E162, E662, and BSS 7239 flame tests.
Bernard Matthew's Turkey Twizzlers Turkey (34 per cent), water, pork fat, rusk, coating (sugar, rusk, tom powder, wheat starch, dextrose, salt, wheat flour, potassium chloride, hydrogenated vegetable oil, citric acid, spices, onion powder, malt extract, smoke flavouring, garlic powder, colour e160c, mustard flour, permitted sweetener e951, herb, spice extracts, herb extracts) Vegetable oil turkey skin, salt, wheat flour, dextrose, stabiliser e450, mustard, yeast extract, antioxidants, E304, E307,E330, E300, herb extract, spice extract, colour E162.