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A city 400 km east of Moscow thought to have the most poisoned soil on Earth
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Dzerzhinsk Poultry Factory expects to invest USD 20 million in new infrastructure to produce poultry meat and eggs.
In April 2006, officials detained seven teenagers between the ages of fifteen and sixteen in the town of Dzerzhinsk in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region for throwing stones and a Molotov cocktail at a local mosque.
An attendant in the Protection of the Holy Mother of God Church in Dzerzhinsk, Belarus, wiped the icon clean, but the Image of Christ continued to produce the liquid.
Petersburg and Dzerzhinsk, where I visited three schools in each city and interviewed 42 teenagers (28 in St.
The mayor of Dzerzhinsk, Viktor Sopin, who quit United Russia to enter Mikhail Prokhorov's party, was relieved of his duties.
The new 50:50 joint venture will be located in Russia at Dzerzhinsk, near SFBUR's petrochemicals operations, 400km east of Moscow and will begin operating in 2013.
Russia's leading authority on dioxins (toxic by-products of industrial processes or combustion) has stated that he believes Dzerzhinsk - where women have a life expectancy of just 47, and men 42 - should be evacuated.
Sumgayit, Azerbaijan; Linfen, China; Tianying, China; Sukinda, India; Vapi, India; La Oroya, Peru; Dzerzhinsk, Russia; Norilsk, Russia; Chernobyl, Ukraine; and Kabwe, Zambia.
Tenders are invited for Open request for proposals for works on modernization of the main building - and survey work for the needs of Dzerzhinsk TPP of the branch "Nizhny Novgorod" PAO "T Plus"
It is expected that the new 50-50 joint venture will source local production in Russia at Dzerzhinsk, near Sibur's petrochemicals operations outside of Moscow.
Address : 183038, Murmansk, Murmansk, Dzerzhinsk, 9