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anomic aphasia

Loss of the ability to name objects and recall words. Those with anomic aphasia often substitute circumlocutions (“work-arounds”) to express the forgotten word.

Trauma, stroke or tumours involving the parietal or temporal lobes, especially if left-sided.

Verbal tests, imaging; false positive and false negative results are not uncommon.


An aphasia in which the patient forgets words or has difficulty finding words for written or oral expression.
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When compared with evidence of dysnomia detected on testing, carers seemed to over-identify naming difficulties.
Now Brown and Emily Schaller (Caltech) have accurately measured the mass of Eris by determining the orbit of Dysnomia, its 150-kilometer-wide moon, using the Hubble Space Telescope and adaptive optics at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.
Application of semantic feature analysis as a treatment for aphasic dysnomia.
The satellite, now called Dysnomia (diss-NOH-mee-uh) is named for Eris's daughter, the goddess of lawlessness--a tribute to Lucy Lawless, the actress who played Xena.
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