dysfunctional family

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1. a group of people related by blood or marriage or a strong common bond, such as those descended from a common ancestor, or a husband, wife, and their children.
2. a taxonomic category below an order and above a genus.
blended family a family unit composed of a married couple and their offspring including some from previous marriages.
dysfunctional family one in which adult caregivers are unable to consistently fulfill their family responsibilities.
extended family a nuclear family and their close relatives, such as the children's grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
nuclear family a family consisting of a two-generation relationship of parents and children, living together and more or less isolated from their extended family.
nuclear dyad family a husband and wife with no children.
family of origin the family in which a person grew up.
family processes the psychosocial, physiological, and spiritual functions and relationships within the family unit; for nursing diagnoses, see under process.
single-parent family a lone parent and offspring living together as a family unit.
skewed family a family in which one spouse is severely dysfunctional and the other spouse assumes an acquiescent, peacemaking stance to maintain equilibrium.
family (omaha) in the omaha system, a problem modifier defined as a social unit or related group of individuals who live together and who experience a health-related problem.

dysfunctional family

Psychology A family with multiple 'internal'–eg sibling rivalries, parent-child– conflicts, domestic violence, mental illness, single parenthood, or 'external'–eg alcohol or drug abuse, extramarital affairs, gambling, unemployment—influences that affect the basic needs of the family unit
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Readers feel the deepening despair while they enter the disturbing world of dysfunctional families and domestic abuse, along with the destruction they bring.
Tenders are invited for Organizing summer recreation of preventive program for children and young people from dysfunctional families with elementary and secondary schools, for which the governing body is the Municipality of Piaseczno
But Sefton was a particular hotspot for dysfunctional families, with 44% of children in need defined as being in dysfunctional homes - the fourth highest proportion in England.
Middlesbrough was a particular hotspot for dysfunctional families with 47% of children in care because of this reason - the second highest proportion for anywhere in England.
The hospital treats children from orphanages, dysfunctional families, and families with average incomes.
30pm LET'S face it, we're all sick of stories about dysfunctional families who eventually learn to love each other.
Though the book's ending is a bit too pat to be believable, the concerns it reveals (from dysfunctional families to grief to child sexual abuse) make Fragments powerful bibliotherapy for older teens comfortable with some harsh language and sexual innuendoes.
The more children we keep out of child care the better, but to place vulnerable children in further vulnerable positions, by letting dysfunctional families adopt them, is tantamount to child abuse.
The more children we keep out of care the better, but, to place vulnerable children in further vulnerable positions, by letting dysfunctional families adopt them, is tantamount to child abuse.
But she thinks ``The Family Stone,'' which opens in theaters Friday, could help both functional and dysfunctional families.
In view of the high incidence of dysfunctional families today, it is a blessing to share healthy family relationships.
It does not distinguish children remaining in parental care, children of dysfunctional families reliant on the social infrastructure; children living in a family not eligible for social assistance but living in poverty or below the low income cut off.

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