Holger, Danish pediatrician, 1913-1984. See: Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome.
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132-133), and in a tomb from Late Hellenistic Aitolia (Dyggve, Poulsen, and Rhomaios 1934, pp.
Between the wars further excavations were carried out by the Austrian archaeologist, Rudolf Egger, and a Danish team led by Einar Dyggve. These resulted in the discovery of the Basilica of the Five Martyrs (Kapljuc) and oratories built into the one-time animal cages lining the amphitheatre, which in turn were incorporated into the defences of the city when threatened by the Slavs.
There have been successive reports and attempts at inventory, first under the Austrians, Forschungen in Salona (3 vols, 1917-1939) and then by Dyggve, Recherches a Salone (2 vols, 1928-1933), but in course of time much of the material had become neglected and even lost.