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It allowed dwarves to meet with other dwarves and discuss their problems.
"Currently there are 1,500 dwarves in Alexandria," Shehata said.
You also may want to see the 25 Years of the Notorious Dwarves DVD that's free with every purchase.
The Seven Dwarves will be Colette Jardine, Liza Clark, Wispra Smith, Noel Leonard, Erin Carey, Kyra Siegel and Caitlyn Simms.
The rebirth of the Shire takes place against a grand historical narrative that witnesses the decline and fall of the great civilization of the elves in Middle Earth and the gradual and inevitable loss of their magical influence on the lives of men, dwarves, and hobbits.
He said many have never had the chance to mix with other dwarves their own age in a place where - for once - they are the norm.
At first the specter of dwarves and a clown watching me understandably dampened my ardor, or I should say my apparent ardor.
In desperation, she tallied up their combined income, made her best guess as to next year's income, and divided the total up among the dwarves. She didn't care what they each bought, so long as their projected expenditures came in under her allotments.
Mega clubs v soccer dwarves equals fan boredom and it needs to stop."
Meanwhile, Gandalf is trapped in Dol Guldur, unable to advise Bilbo and the Dwarves.
The next passage, from the second chapter of the published Hobbit, describes the Bridge of Mitheithel that Bilbo and the Dwarves cross during a storm as they journey to the Lonely Mountain.
However, the dwarves must not be distracted from the task at hand.