Guichaud Joseph, French anatomist, 1648-1730. See: Duverney fissures, Duverney gland, Duverney muscle.
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The first reported Heterotropic Pregnancy was by Duverney (1708).
Roche F, Estour B, Kadem M, Millot L, Pichot V, Duverney D, et al.
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Duverney (Baggio Engineering School, France) introduces graduate and advanced undergraduate students, professional mathematicians, math teachers, and mathematically educated lay readers to number theory.
Heterotopic pregnancy is the combination of intra and extra-uterine pregnancy, the first case was reported by Duverney in 1708 during an autopsy.
1) Duverney fue el primero en describir un embarazo heterotopico en 1708 al descubrir, en una autopsia, una gestacion intrauterina en una mujer que habia fallecido por un embarazo ectopico roto.
My first firearms training experience in this quest was around 1983 when I was invited by Bert DuVerney (who would later become the director of the Smith & Wesson Academy) to attend a course taught by John Farnam.
CUTLINE: From left, Craig Maxim, director of Family Continuity's Whitinsville Mental Health Clinic; Northbridge High School art teacher Jennifer Mulkerrin; students Amy Branchaud, Katie Duverney, Sarah Denault and Olivia Marchi; and art teacher Danielle Pianka show off a mural made by the students.