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(dōō′və, dü′-), Christian Marie René Joseph de Born 1917.
British-born Belgian physiologist. He shared a 1974 Nobel Prize for contributions to the understanding of the components of living cells.
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Karen Duve's first novel made waves on the German literary scene just before the new millennium, when critics were celebrating the "neue Lesbarkeit" trend and the "Frauleinwunder" authors--now commonly understood as a belittling marketing term--who wrote about everyday life in urban spaces, ten years after the Wende.' In fact, neither Duve's nor Parei's novel quite fits the marketing trends; while Die Schattenboxerin sold in smaller numbers but has been of great interest to scholars, Regenroman sold well as an exaggerated, gothically influenced, pulp-fiction narrative.
"It was immediately transferred on to an account of Louis-Dreyfus," Duve said.
Para Ranciere, filosofo politico y esteta, uno de los problemas del arte politico es la tradicion mimetica (ese "ilustrar", en las palabras de De Duve que acabamos de citar), que continua siendo dominante aun en las formas que se pretenden artistica y politicamente subversivas, a pesar de que durante todo un siglo tal tradicion ha sido supuestamente criticada.
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Hans de Haard, Chief Scientific Officer of arGEN- X commented "de Duve Institute/UCL has extensive expertise and know-how in cancer immunology.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-November 6, 2013-arGEN-X signs a research and license agreement with de Duve Institute/UCL (Belgium)(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
Ralph Nitzgen, SEO and General Manager and Benjamin Duve, Relationship Manager for Financial Institutions at Commerzbank Dubai, presented the award to ibq and praised the bank's solid operational services, and the international best practices the bank's management and personnel have brought to the domestic market, said a press release.
On May 4 Nobel Laureate Christian de Duve legally killed himself after suffering with major illness for years.