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(dōō′və, dü′-), Christian Marie René Joseph de Born 1917.
British-born Belgian physiologist. He shared a 1974 Nobel Prize for contributions to the understanding of the components of living cells.
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2) Christian de Duve, Life EvolvingMolecules, Mind, and Meaning, Toronto, Oxford University Press, 2002, p.
The appearance is paramount, while the literature is hidden in dependent clauses--it is mentioned only so the reader knows that Karen Duve is no equestrian, Judith Hermann no Madonna-model, that Terezia Mora is no figure skater, and Zoe Jenny certainly no doe.
Biological adaptation is the glaring example: living beings find little need and in fact fail to evolve in invariant environments (De Duve, 1995, p.
This company is using millions of dollars to launch a strategic attack on my country,'' Duve told a news conference.
As Thierry de Duve recently pointed out in these pages, the fundamental upshot of Duchamp's work is not that anything can be an art object but that anyone can be an artist.
El marco canonico de la actividad catequetica americana es delineado por Thomas Duve.
The papers, most of them in English, were first presented at a 2004 symposium on the work of Karen Duve and other contemporary German women writers at the University of Nottingham.
Thus, says Nobel Laureate Christian de Duve, organisms do not protect themselves by conscious autoimmune systems but by random errors in cell replication unintentionally equipped to feast on alien invaders (de Duve, 2002).
THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG by Karen Duve (Bloomsbury pounds 10.
Mr Duve regretted in a public statement that the Belarus government, while officially welcoming the visit, had denied a visa to a senior member of the visit team.
El Premio Nobel de Quimica, Christian de Duve, afirmaba: "La vida esta casi obligada a aparecer.
ARGX-115 has been developed in collaboration with an outstanding team of academics at the de Duve Institute / Universit Catholique de Louvain through our Innovative Access Program, which gives argenx rights to novel, exciting targets in our areas of therapeutic focus.